How to fix lag in Apex Legends Mobile! iOS / Android! (best settings + tips)

“How to Fix Lag in Apex Legends Mobile iOS/Android, Low Cost Device – 2GB RAM, 3GB RAM, 4GB RAM (Fix Latency) Higher) Fix Internet Delay Problem – How to Reduce PING in Apex Legends Mobile (Solve PING Problem) PING / Fix High PING / Fix Latency – Apex Legends Mobile Tips and Tricks (Apex Mobile Best Settings No Lag) Lag Fix Config, Lag Fix File, Lag Fix iOS / Android “★ As if this helped + Share with friends! ★ Hey everyone! ExxotikGaming is here – hope you have a great day! Now I know…


40 thoughts on “How to fix lag in Apex Legends Mobile! iOS / Android! (best settings + tips)

  1. I think I'm my opinion this is my favorite game for phone I found cod mobile and I can't find it phone anymore but this is just what I and some others needed for Mobile but the lag isn't an issue if it I'm sorry but you know exoticgaming can help you

  2. Exxotik My phone is Red Magic 6 pro and a still get lag and fps drops on lowest graphics!? What? And my phone got So Fricking Hot like 45°C for playing 15minutes.??

  3. Lol diss game iss made for ipad playerss.. like fov i better on the ipad version the handmodelss gunmodelss are moree smaller which can make u see more of ur surroundinggss.. and on a phonee handmodelss and gunmodelss are soo bigg u cant barely see anything on ur screen andd lower fov makes u feel so sloww andd i hate itt cuzz the part off being apexx iss fastphase movement andd on the phonee itss so sluggish andd u cant barely see much of ur surroundingss… cant they makee the ipad fov on console too?? Likee on soft launch there was a glitch onn phoness where u can havee ipad fovv and the devss removed itt to the globall the only advantage we hadd wass thatt and they romoved it Why cant they just add it inn?? Is it hard??

  4. Hey exo, can you possibly make a video how to download apex mobile on low ends mobiles because whenever I open playstore it says my device isn't compatible with the version

    Also when I search for tutorial and it gives me some malware of a link really gets me pissed off

  5. My phone broke now I can't even play codmobile and that was the only game that I realy enjoyed
    I can't even afford a new one
    I don't care what kind of phone I play on a i am happy with even the lowest grhapics
    Realy wish if I can play it one more time

  6. This game isnt optimized well.. i have 8gb of ram snapdragon 750 and i had stable 120fps on c ops and stable 60fps on pubg with max graphics. And now this game wont let me have higher fps than 40

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